Miss Japan historically won Miss Asia USA Pageant.

Juri Watanabe won Miss Asia USA pageant as first Japanese delegate in 28 years pageant history.  Sueko Oshimoto designed her national costume and two eveing gowns for the pageant, and also Sueko supported mentally her as a menter. 

Ryukyu Shimpo published Juri's article


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National Costume designed by Sueko Oshimoto


When she spread up her tail which has a cherry blosson tree shows up that each flower has swarovski crystal, the audience roared "Wooooooow".


Evening gown designed by Sueko Oshioto



This white evening gown with lots of swarovski crystals is also designed by Sueko. 


The moment of the final announcement 


She nailed it!!!


Winning Walking




Conglaturations Juri!!!




Sueko designed an evening dress for former Mrs. Asia USA Queen, Sang Lee Katayama too. Ms Sang wore the white evening gown at the crowning colonation.



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