"Taco Bell" New CM publish Nationwide

We now receive from the big job will be the first major U.S. company for us.


"Taco Bell" is a major U.S. fast food chain with many around the country.

They are planned the new CM and determined that the concept of Japanese-themed wedding.

They offer us kimono coordinate and dressing to use in the shooting.

The CM recording date is February 14th of this month (March) done.

That completed as soon as the new CM, the CM will be published on the our website.

U.S. companies need Kimono stylists and Kimonos in this way, the fact that I could feel the firm can establish a business, will continue in the United States and potential of our business in this garment and we believe further broaden it. We do our best.

  Taco Bellのロゴ画像

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