TacoBell CM Shooting

TacoBell used to have a branch in Nagoya, Japan. Now only has in American base.

Here's CM shooting photos.


The shooting scale is quite large.


       The bride Dressing                The main actor Dressing

Photo shoot



Basically, in America Chinese or Korea actors often play the role of the Japanese.

At this CM project, we're surprised by the professionalism and efficiency of production that was composed of Japanese extras and all the Japanese actors & actress.

Also on location was made in a Japanese garden designed by Japanese architect.

As you can see the photograph even if it is rare in pure Japanese style outdoor buffet party in Japan.

  With all the performers.


The production people said Japanese Style Wedding is also in production on the first attempt

Was very hard, and was happy to take great images.

In other words,   "Kimono" is just not known in America,

If they recognize the beauty and the elegance of a kimono, the playing field will extends.

By the way, this CM is expected to be broadcast in all over the United States.

Perhaps, in the whole world.

What led to this CM, give visibility to about the " suit ", " dress " and " Kimono ".


  We went straight to the rehearsal at the night.



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