Japan up! cover shooting


There are requests from the Japan up! April issue's cover shoot and we went to Hoyu Los Angeles Studio.

This month's theme is "Beauty & Fashion" So, the cover has combined the modern hair style with Kimono men.

Ms. Kuroki from Hoyu America company, Lina in charge of SUEHIRO Agency, Inc. as hair & make up stylist, Ms. Sueko Oshimoto in charge of Kimono coordinate and Kimono stylist as
I don't work usually as a model. So, we learnd a lot of things in this work.
Ms. Kuroki who is wearing white jacket works at Hoyu America, next to Hiroshi is Ms.Emika works as a photographer.

Japan up! April issue, the 4 / 1 (Friday) will be distributed to Japanese markets and Japanese restaurants.

Well then, see you on April Fools!
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