Japan disaster Charity Fashoin Show by Miss Asia USA 2011



On March 4, Miss Asia USA, Mrs Asia USA and Miss Latina Global belonging Virgelia Productions organized a charity luncheon for the purpose of collecting donations Tohoku earthquake with World Vision which is International non-profit organization in conjunction.

Fashion show was held with representatives of models from country.


We proudly showing off lovely kimonos and other 10's.

In the event that a charity for those affected by the earthquake, we had received particular attention JAPAN.

The beauty of fashion clothing from the floor, I received a lot of excited voices from the floor and models. Because Kimonos are the beauty of fashion clothing.






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The future, Japan will recover earthquake victims and safe living environment. I think now is the most difficult time for that.


We can not help lend a direct hand them. But there are many things we can do for Japan from the U.S.. like this charity events.


I sincerely hope to recovery from disaster as soon as possible.

We'd like to thank you for Yamanoryuu Kimono Dressing USA who helped us with dressing and hair & make up artist who are Motoko, Mikako, Asuka, Nao and Chika-sensei.




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