Tomomi Nishimoto Concert with Sumi・Joe in L.A

On Nov. 3rd. We went to Tomomi Nishimoto who is Japanese female conductor real world collaboration American tour with Sumi Joe performance in the UCLA Royce hall in Los Angeles.



We worked together with Tomomi Nishimoto at last year's "The 100th Akira Kurosawa anniversary party". Therefore, she had acquaintance directly with the Oshimoto teacher.

This is one piece at last year's party.

Oshimoto teacher is also Tomomi Nishimoto's big fan, and had been looking forward very much since before.

Tomomi Nishimoto is conductors of women who take an active part in the world and are very few, and it is acted as a conductor of guesting of the top of a Russian national symphony orchestra now.

Sumi Joe is taking an active part as an opera soprano singer from South Korea. And, the inserted song etc. of a lot of popular South Korea dramas are sung.


Satoru Nishimoto real world collaboration American tour with Sumi Joe

The main performance tune

The first
Verdi:Prelude from opera 'La Forza del Destino'
[Derakkua]: Villa flannel (eclogue) Verdi: Prelude from opera 'La Traviata' to prelude and "..・・・.. ah is it [soha] his person ..mysterious..? ・・・ flower from the flower" 3rd act. "Goodbye day when it passed away"

Encore (* It informs you when the tour ends).

The second
Tchaikovsky: Minor key of the fifth symphony [ho] work 64


The appearance that a Japanese woman partitions a full orchestra with one baton on ground in the here United States has been overwhelmed to the power really good-looking.

The wave of the standing ovation that did not finish ringing from the hall resounded indefinitely when the performance ended.

And, the [ogen] teacher was able to talk a little in addition honored with Ms. Nishimoto after it had performed because last year's event and there was acquaintance.

It was easy to talk actually very much, and was gentle one though there was an image that seemed to be hard from looks.

Thank you for the glorious night.

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