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Wedding Planner David Tutera

We went to 「David Tutera Speaking Engagement at The Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown」 with Yuki who is wedding planner.

David who has TV show is so famous planner in the industory.

A wedding planner can change the bride who has the problem with her own wedding reception into a smile.

Example, There is the guest like this,                     goes like this.


This is David Tutera.

Sevreral couples that appeared on TV show in the past were there.

In addition, engaged couples, active wedding planner and people thinking of future business participated.

After watching David's introduced video clip and his show's promotion clip, the lecture was Q&A style.

He has opened his wedding salon next a movie theatre in N.Y. at the age of 19 years old.

On weekend, the customer in a row watched his window display on Sunday.

He got display jobs on Monday.

He told us it was tiny start in his life.

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