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New Year's Event !


Happy New !!!

This year, we will grow significantly.

This is the first step

We dressed Kimono on Ayaka who participated "Miss Kimono LA " that have been held since last year.

Ayaka is a Japanese representative at the Miss Asia USA last year.


Unfortunately, she was not chosen for the Grand Prix.

But we expected of a busy season this year by New Year's Day:D


At the same event, we also helped to dress kimonos for Japanese dance team which is "Hanayagi ryu".

Right side: Teacher Onizuka made highly accomplished "arrow stand. "

We have five people dressed in about an hour before the performance. Also, we help other groups with dressing.

The innermost Lady is very famous in Japan as Japanese Traditional Dance Teacher  "Wakana Hanayagi-sensei" .

Way of dressing for Japanese dance depends on the school.

We learned a lot of guidance from the Wakana-sensei.


The event will promote Japanese culture in Little Tokyo at the every New Year's Days.

We would lead to a variety of people from today.

First step forward



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