KIMONO is Global Warming Solution!?

 Polaris Institute located at the Sawtelle W. Los Angeles, a Eco event held to consider global warming to learn from Japanese culture.

Introduction of Japanese culture, the show introduced the beauty of Japanese kimono performed by us and Edo senke showed ​​a tea demonstration of  Edo style.


Polaris Institute is a Japanese school in West Los, and through the students from kindergarten through elementary school.


Everyone, Do you know "3R"?

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

This element is essential to the future eco-talk and everything is contained Kimono.

Reduce ‐ Kimono was inherited from parent to child.

Reuse ‐ Lifetime use, repair is possible

Recycle ‐ Making clothes, bags and clothes using Kimono fabrics, you can decorated kimono and sashes as an art.


Attracting attention as an attempt new project submitted to the venue a lot of Japanese media in Los Angeles, such as NTB TV· UTB TV · JF.



We were in charge of  "Kimono Show and Lecture" in this event, has unveiled Glossy Kimono modesl and explained for each one.

Kimono has very important elements connection with environmental solutons.

Also, we demonstrated sash how to tie and there are over a thousand style.

Guests gave a shout of joy each Kimono has seen only in movies and TV.



 Modern Furisode(long sleep) x 2, Homongi(kimono for  visiting) x 3, Komono(everyday kimomno), Kurotome(kimono for ceremonies), Summer Kimono, Furisode(old fashioned) x 2,

Kimono for kids x 2



Everyone involved in this event, cheers for good work indeed.



We do such as a serious show and a kimono show to suit purpose and objectives, planning and due to our corporate sponsors and will accept the request of the Japanese culture show.


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