Professional Kimono Classes, Okuden Course Started!

We offer Kimono dressing classes, Yamonoryukisou in California.

Every year we hold professional kimono classes, an Okuden course for six months followed

by an examination to be a Kimono stylist that can qualify around the world.

This license is recognised by the Association of international beauty and Health Minister.


We started Okuden course last week.



We start from reviewing things learned in Beginner classes, Shoden Course and Chuden course.


Students who took Shoden course and Chuden course can dress themselves in Komon, Furisode and Kurotomesode.

And they can also do Obi in Ichijyudaiko and Nijyudaiko( Single Taiko and Double Taiko).



Later in class you will learn the history of Kimono and culture of Kimono.

This should be an interesting category for people who like Kimono.


They are studying hard to be Kimono stylists this year!



Six months from now they are going to learn how to dress kimono for costumers.



So far there are thirty three Kimono stylists from Yamanoryukisou in the U.S.

This year will be the sixth examination.

We are expecting all the stylists to spread Kimono and Japanese culture to American community!


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