Kimono experience at nation`s largest Asian Expo!

The Asian American Expo 2013 was held last weekend in Pomona, Calif.

We had a booth where anyone could experience and the authentic Kimono dressing.

We offered to dress people in Kimono and take photos and sell Kimono and Obis.

It was a huge success!





Mother and a daughter experiencing Kimono.   The other costumers were so curious watching Kimono dressing for the first time.



We sold lots of Kimono and Obis. They were almost sold out!

Click here for the Video.



I was so happy to know that non-Japanese people also like Kimono.

There was a customer that came from Taiwan, she bought four kinds of Kimonos.

There was a girl that wanted to show her grandma in Japan the Kimono picture for the first time.

Everyone had different thoughts about wearing kimono.

We can also dress you for Sechigosan and Seijinshiki.

We welcome offers for events like this.

Please contact us.



We will continue to spread Kimono culture all over the world!

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