Kimono Lecture "Kimono Now -Tradition to Fashion-"

The kimono lecture was very successful last night! We tried to tell the audience how important is kimono in Japanese history and show our way to evolute beautiful kimono. 



Part 1.

- Introduction of Traditional Kimono and History 

- Kimono Dressing Demonstration for Homongi

Part 2

- Why Sueko started to design a modern kimono costume

- Moder kimono costumes for Dancers

- New Kimono Styling for Fashion Magazines / Fashion Film

- Costume Design for Japanese Traditional Play

- Kimono Fashion Show in Brazil

- Q & A


We had a kimono display which was a Furisode and Sueko's design costume display at the venue.



We asked the audience a volunteer model for the kimono dressing demonstration.


Part 2.


Lecturer:Costume Designer / Fashion Stylist / Kimono Stylist  Sueko Oshimoto

Assistant: Photographer / Kimono Stylist  Kentaro Jake Terauchi

Photographer:Tak S. Itomi


Fortunately, We got an offer to hold a lecture and a fashion show at the Nisei week which is the biggest event in Japanese American community!

Day & Time: Sunday, July 27th 2014

Place: Japanese American National Museum


Here's a link for the previcious kimono fashion show & lecture in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


If you are interested in holding the fashion show, demonstration and/or lecture, please click here to contact us.

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