Appearance of Dr.Richard&Dr.Carol King mansion kimono lecture

The kimono lecture was done in the Mr. Dr.Richard&Dr.Carol King mansion that existed in United States Pasadena City on October 10, 2010.

There was a thing of architect further as a doctor in the United States, too and the luxurious domicile of home was designed by oneself and built with Mr. Dr.Carol King.


It was a very wonderful luxurious domicile such as the parking lot of 30 accommodation, pools of 25m, and tennis courts though the Australian mansion image was not good at the shown thing by the convenience of private.


Mr. Dr.Richard&Dr.Carol King gathers people interested in home once a month because of friend and own WEB site etc. , and is holding the lecture and the seminar, etc. for the culture culture.

Then, the talk was gotten for Ms.SUEKO OSHIMOTO teacher also who it was a thing of lecture of the kimono that was the Japanese culture, and was the friend this time, and I was allowed to do the kimono lecture by Mr. Dr.Richard&Dr.Carol King's luxurious domicile.

 The left of photograph: Right of Ms.Sueko Oshimoto teacher photograph: Dr.Carol King (king carol)

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