Appearance of Dr.Richard&Dr.Carol King mansion kimono lecture

 It is an appearance of the kimono lecture done in the Dr.Richard&Dr.Carol King mansion that exists in Pasadena City of Los Angeles outskirts (Pasadena City) on October 10.

It is an appearance of the preparation like dressing and the make-up, etc. before the guest comes.
This time, it is Ms.MOTOKO of a stylist active in Hollywood that took charge of the beautician.


 The exchange association with the people who visited this lecture is held before the kimono lecture is done.
To know about the kimono that is the culture of Japan even a little

"It did and descended" in English that introduced the basic knowledge of the kimono for this day was made and it distributed it to you.



The OSHIMOTO teacher's introduction and greeting ended, and the kimono lecture started.


 Photograph right right kimono woman: Ms. Keiko Kadota of this kimono lecture main MC (Interpreter taking an active part in foreign countries)


 First of all, the presentation of the FURISODE(long-sleeved dress) dressing by Ms.SUEKO OSIMOTO teacher of the Yamano style wearing and assistant's Ms.NAOMI ONIZUKA teachers was announced.

Various questions flitted from guests between those, and it became Ms.AIKO KICHIMI teacher's turn in haste.



 Afterwards, the kimono lecture by Ms. AIKO KICHIMI (a left right woman of the photograph in the under) was done by actually using Q&A with model of the kimono appearance.




 "GEISYA DANCE" by the Ms.SUEKO OSHIMOTO teacher was continuously announced.


※The dressing charge of GEISYA here is Mr.KENTARO KERAUCHI teacher of the manager in the company who became a professional dressing master in March this year.


And, it has introduced a lot of kimonos such as HAKAMA with black detainment and man's for the kimono and the formal dress of a long-sleeved dress, a small crest, putting lowering woman's semiformal kimono, and the color solid color crests by the lecture to here.

In addition, starting beating of a gorgeous bride who entered noble purple and golden embroidery appeared at the end, and the shout of joy of the surprise went up from the hall.


The lecture is safely finished, the voice of serious pleasure is gotten from the people who visited this time, and I wish to express my gratitude really for the thing that such a lecture was able to be done.

The power of peoples also in the United States understand, and it is interested, and the appearance in which [**] is withering has been understood well from actually touching in the vicinity the charm the kimono and the culture of Japan.

It will act always positively to pass on a wonderful kimono and the culture of Japan correctly in foreign countries in the future.

The photo gallery of that day : here >>



It is a bytalk.

After the lecture ends, the loss visited with the launch lunch : in a little famous, Italian restaurant kimono appearance.

true externals.. all by working hard thank you very much both this kimono lecture.
Thank you really for your cooperation though it is a volunteer.

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