Kabuki Renaissance "The Ghost of Oyuki" in L.A

We were enchanted to the sound of kabuki Renaissance, and we went Kabuki play.

This is a comical story between: a skillful merchant, a rich fool, and a lovely laby ghost who also enjoys alcohol.

Japanese Famous Actress Yukiji Asaoka / Japanese Famous Actor Nagare Hagiwara


We enjoyed laughing though we were kabuki beginners.

Moreover, there was an English title, too. Even if you do not understand Japanese, the mind distribution is not needed.


There was very a lecture of the kabuki make-up and dressing before the play started and I was allowed to study very much.


It continues to Tomomi Nishimoto after ending and fortunately. We got a chance to talk with Ms. Asaoka.

We met Ms. Onitsuka and the student by chance in the hall.


Actually, Ms. Asaoka is a teacher of the dance of the Aiko Yamano Jane Master.

There was a help of JapanFoundation from the connection, too and it was possible to meet this time.

Thank you really.

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