Meeting @ Intercontinental Hotel

Events for March-April of next year, meeting the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City will take place.

In March 2011, We have the assessment of Okuden class(professional Kimono stylist course).

In April 2011, We have Okuden Dentatsushiki (pro Kimono stylist graduation party) and, 
the Master Jane Aiko Yamano award from the Japanese American National Museum at the JAMN Gala dinner party.

Gala Dinner is an annual sponsored charity JANM aimed at a Dinner Party.

Next year a new J.W. Marriott Hotel
was able to be Held in Downtown, more than 1,100 participants each year. Politicians and prominent people have also participated in various industries.

Next year's theme "Family Business".

Recently, Japanese American National Museum has been awarded as the best museum from the federal government

L. A. Times

President and C.E.O. of JANM Akemi Kikumura Yano is going to the White House ceremony in December.

National Medal for Museum & Library Service

Hiromi Koshi is the Director of International Sales in Intercontinental Hotel.

She is one of lunch fellow teachers Sueko Oshimoto.

Thank you again this year!

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