Setting up for LACMA KimonoShow and Geisha Presentation with 2 Saviors

Each time before the show, we prepare Kimonos for hours without sleep.

At this time, Chikako-sensei and Yuki who will graduate professional training courses
 in this year
came to us for helping to set up Kimonos.



I think that the most inportant thing for dressing kimono is the preparation when I prepare ready for dressing every time.

There are several thing to dressing Kimono perfectly like "necessary things"or "have to do it".

Wering the day, if I forget something, I can't dress kimono on the customer.

In order to smoothly handle all the dressing, for dressing 30 people within a given time, the most important thing is the preparation.

Chikako-sensei and Yuki, thank you very much until late:)


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