Kimono Show & Presentation of Geisha @ LACMA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art is West Coast's largest museum.

The museum heard rumors of "Elegance of Kimono" we did at Mr. & Mrs. King's residence on 10/10/2010.

Mrs. Oshimoto was requested directly from the museum.


As always, there is "Dressing, Hair & Make Up Wars"  at dressing room of pre-production.


We've have some meeting since last year.  We have a total of 30 Kimono models included pro models.

- Program -

~Kimono Show~

・Frisode (Long Sleeve Kimono)

・Frisode for Bride

・Men's Kimonos

・Homongi (Visiting Kimono)

・Irotome/Kurotome (Formal Kimono)

~Presentation of Geisha~

・Demonstration of dressing Geisha

Geisha Model: Mrs. Kiyoka Wakayagi

Kimono Stylist: Mrs. Sueko Oshimoto

Assistant: Mr. Kentaro Terauchi

・Geisha Dance

~Lecture of Kimono~

Theme: Charms of Kimono

Teacher: Mrs. Aiko Kichimi

Interpreter: Ms. Keiko Kadota

~Japanese Dance~

Music: Chiyono Kotobuki

Dancers: Mrs. Sueko Oshimoto・Mr. Hiroshi Ishii・Mr. Kentaro Terauchi


Here's the Photo Gallery.


Here's Ms. Kaori Nara Turner who got Emmy as make up artist and Kirk Nishikawa who is the grandson of the schoolmaster's Nishikawa Style.

Mr. & Mrs. on next picture are the president of a production that works in Hollywood Movie like [Gladiator].

We can talk directly to people who have a lot of your entourage in Japan, also gave us advice for next time

Little by little, step by step we will move forward.


Thank you very much everybody for your cooperation.

Expressed gratitude.



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