Kimono Lecture & Fashion SHow at the Alaska University


100 years ago as a proof of the friendship of Japan and the United States, 6,040 young trees of a cherry blossom was presented to Washington, D.C.

Even 100 years later the cherry blossom trees of the Potomac River are still well known around the world.


The kimono lecture & fashion show was held at the University of Alaska Anchorage university as celebrating the 100th anniversary of the tree donation.

We are very honored to produce this show.

Here's the event's poster.



This show had three parts, the Kimono fashion show, the Kimono demonstration, and the lecture.



We started Kimono stylist and hair and make up in the morning. The show starts at 4pm!


5 minutes before the show starts, producer Oshimoto is doing the last check.

Most of the models are studying Japanese at the University.

They were very happy to wear Kimono since you can't buy Kimono there and there are no Kimono styling classes.



The show starts now!


We show from Komon, Homongi, and Kurotomesode.

And men's Kimono. They brought their own Japanese items for the show.



Next is gorgeous Furisode. Audience applauded at this moment.



This is the Victoria dress style Sueko designed.



We had a geisha too.

*This wig is not used for a reak geisha. We couldn't bring one from Los Angeles to Alaska.



After the fashion show, we had Furisode styling demonstration by Kentaro.

Sueko is explaining one by one.



Well Done! Thank you very much!


After a 10 minute break, we had a Kimono lecture by Sueko.



We explain many kind of Kimono including its history by using the projector.



We had a lecture that anyone even who is not familier with kimono can understand showing unique events that we have been doing.


She expain the thoughts Sueko has when maiking kimono dresses and comparing them with common dresses.



An audience was very interested by the knowledge that Sueko learned from the real geisha in Kyoto.




From Los Angeles and Canada, ten crew members gathered in Alaska for this show.

Everyone arrived safe and the show was successful.

Great thanks to University of Alaska Anchorage, the Alaska Japan consul, Alaska Airlines, Japan Foundation NY branch.



Photo Gallery

Behind the stage!



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