SUEKO OSHIMOTO 2013 Kimono Costume Collection

We had the "SUEKO OSHIMOTO 2013 Kimono Costume Collection" fashion show at the party celebrating the bublishing of the magazine "Miso for Life" in which our company took charge of the costume design of a cover. The hall is of the publidhing company Access Grooup Media located in Fountain Valley, California. 

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The theme for the fashion show was "New viantage," combining classic and contemporary using vintage Kimonos, colorful Obi(belt), gorgeous Uchikake(a highly formal kimono as a wedding gown) that were brought from Japan. 


A present-day Oiran (courtesans in Japan).

Uchikake which the big carriage was drawn with extravagant gold thread, and Cherry blossom Obi.

A layered bottom and that volume make you feel luxurious.



Vintage Kimono to "New Vintage" Kimono. 

Contemporary styled vintage black Furisode(long-sleeved kimono) with five family crests made in the Meiji Era.



A sweet purple elegance.

A Victorian style dress uisng the kimono of the geisha girl with a snowy design.

The costume design united with the "four seasons" which is a big feature of a kimono release's presence.



The cut is strange.

Ultimate Kimono Jacket where a nonchakant color was given to the lining cloth of the collar in addition to calculated tailoring. 

A black long skirt which shows the Japanese embroidery in which craft work shines on the whole surface.

The modern style which shows the linner silver.



An upper class mixed new japonism.

The full length dress deeply cut chest area, the glossy purple clor show you more elegance.

With just one touch this forgotten Kimono changed into the dress.


Skill of elegant couture.

The dress of Uchikake with gorgeous Japanese embroidery.

This gorgeous piece one is like art that brings you to a dreamlike time.




Gorgeous and glorous, forcible red and gold.

This one is a new feeling modern oriental with Goreous reds and golds in a long sleeved kimono and fascinating midnight purple's long skirt . All would like to enjoy the elegant line which a drape makes.

Look at the elegant line that the drape creates. The colored fur on a tail is a trend this year.

Model: Mayuko Kimura (2005 Miss Universe Japan finalist) 



Evolving classics.

The silver which carries out dffused reflection of light,

The bridal dress with a classic pencil line is made cloth in a novel elegance.

"new vintage" is expressed unbalancing with the boldly opened chest area and the Japanese feeling in back.

Red colored lining cloth is a stylish point that tells you it's Japanese. 



- BACKSTAGE report hair & makeup -

expression of "Wa(Japanese)" was done unting with the theme of "new vintage." 

Since it is a Spring/Summer collection we used the spring color for eyeliner and eye shadaw.

And we used "hat" and "suehiro(fan)" for the hair design.

I didn't want to lose the dignity of Mrs. Oshimoto's costume imagination.

Hair and makeup by artist Chika Momura



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