Modern Kimono Fashion Show in Brazil

We had a modern kimono show, a lecture and demonstration at the

globally famous Sao Paulo Museum of Art.

The theme of the show was

"Kimono Intorduction Incorporating Elements of Modern Fashion -Possibility of Japanese Fashion Design-"

produced by designer / kimono stylist Sueko Oshimoto.

Oshimoto designs the costumes using a kimono in order to get the

people from all over the world to be familiar with kimono.



For the first part, we dressed 11 Brazilian professional models with

kimono costume that Oshimoto made for other shows and some which made

for this show imagining Brazil.

We also had wedding kimono as a traditional kimono for this show.

The costumes are made from traditional kimono displaying the Japanese

craftsman's work.

There were lots of camera flashes every time new kimono costumes

appeared on stage.

The audience were mostly Brazilian, Japanese Brazilian, and young

students who major in costume designing.



Click here for the photo gallery of the modern kimono show.


The second part of the show, we had a demonstration of dressing a

long-sleeved kimono(Furisode).

As Oshimoto dresses the model, she explains what tools and accessories she uses.

We also used a vintage Furisode transforming to Kurotomesode( Formal

Kimono) to show the traditional culture.






The third part of the show was the lecture of kimono's basic knowledge

and history using photos with two projectors.

The lecture gives contrast with modern costume and traditional

culture, hoping that young generations get interested in kimono.





We explainin how she used the aspect of Kabuki and Ukiyoe in the costume design.





And the last is finale and a commemorative photo.




Japanese TV in Sao Paulo broadcasted our show!


Because of the cooperation of the consulate general in Brazil and a

Japanese exchange fund, we had a successful show.

We are gratefully appreciative.


About our kimono show at Japan Foudation Sao Paulo web site (Portuguese)


The next modern kimono show will be held at a California State

Fullerton university on Sun., March 24.

The theme is "Evolution of Japanese Culture".

There is also a travel tour from Japan which can actually experience

the back side of show.

Since this is a special tour, it is only limited time offer!


Click here for more details.


The back stage of this show.



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