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- Kimono Fashion Show

Kimono SK offers a classic style kimono show or contemporary kimono fashion show that we use classic kimono and modern kimono costumes that Sueko Oshimoto designed for a film / music video / commercial. Also, we offer a kimono dressing demonstration that we expain how to wear a kimono and what kind of meaning they have. At our lecture, Sueko Oshimoto teaches Japanese kimono history and the unique evolutionary process of Japanese kimono from the Edo period. We are flexible to change our program and contents of the lecture to meet the needs of our clients. 


This is our fashion show held in Sao paulo museum of Art which is the finest in Latin America and all Southern Hemisphere

"Kimono Introduction incorporating elements of modern fashion" -Possibility of Japanese fashion design-

Creative drector / Lecturer  Sueko Oshimoto



Past Shows

2009  Mar. - Kimono show “The 100th Anniversary of Akira Kurosawa’s birth” at Beverly Hills Hotel 

          Mar. - Kimono show “The 100th Anniversary of Aiko Yamano’s birth” at Hilton Aneheim 

          Dec. - Presentation of 12 layers kimono (Junihitoe) at “the 50th marriage anniversary party of the Japanese Emperor” at the Consulate General of Japan L.A                        

2010  Apr. - kimono show, lecture & demo at Japanese American National Museum                              

         Aug. - demo at Kurume University Japan                         

2011 Mar. - charity fashion show Miss Asia USA at 13 minutes

          Jun. - kimono show, lecture & demo at LACMA                 

2012 Mar. - kimono fashion show at the Grove sponsor by Japanese consulate general    

         Mar. - kimono fashion show at Music Institute, Hollywood          

         Oct.  - kimono show, lecture & demonstration at University of Alaska Anchorage

2013 Mar.- lecture, demo & fashion show at Sao Paulo Museum, Brazil  

        Mar. - kimono lecture at Cal State University of Fullerton          

        Jul. - Nisei Week Foundation fashion show at Japanese American National Museum

2014 May - kimono show, demo & lecture at the LACMA

2015 Jul. - Event "Geisha" fashion show at Unici Casa

        Aug. - Sueko Haute Couture 2015/16 fashion show in New Port Beach

        Sep. -  10 Best Dresses Award fashion show at Omni Hotel Resort

        Nov. - Nisei Week Foundation fashion show at Japanese American National Museum    



- Samurai Swords Fight Show & Swords Performing Show

The actors with specialize training in Japanese swords fight for a film perform their powerful sword fighting that the performing pattern changes depending on the number of samurai or the amount of the space.

After a show is done, your guests can take a photo with samurai.

Fighting demo

Performing demo
- Japanese Traditional Geisha Dance
The accredited master in classical Japanese dance who dresses in geisha's kimono whcih is differint from a regular kimono and has geisha make-up, performs her graceful dance using a prop.
After a show is done, your guests can take a photo with samurai.
- Dance Show
Top dancers who work for a world famous singer or from America's Best Dance Crew show their amazing dance to music which matches your event. They choreograph any genre like hiphop, break dance, house and ballet.
- Photo Booth
We set up a gorgeous kimono background and 2 beautiful kimono models who highlight the atmosphere with beautiful hair & make-up at our photo booth. After an event is done, I will upload all photos on an online album that the guests can download the photos.

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