'Kimono Couture' Lecture by Sueko Oshimoto

Sueko Oshimoto who is a costume designer and a kimono master held her lecture 'Kimono Couture' as a guest lecturer at the Nibei foundation in Sawtel. Couture means the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements.



She introduced her past projects and fashion magazines that she did styling, and she talked about the image of a kimono from overseas views, industry people's reactions about new kimono look and secret stories using a projector.


The brand concept of Sueko dress line 'We honer our heritage as we design the future.'


Sueko fashion show 2015/16



Sueko men's line and Japanese traditional dance at Nisei Week  Festival


Carmen Electra wore Sueko kimono dress for Genlux magazine editorial.



A demonstration of how to tie an obi by Mimi Imagawa, Sayoko Nakazono who are pupils of Sueko Oshimoto.

Model: Fusako Shiotani 


We had Q&A at the end of the lecture.

We got a question about Japanese wedding at this time so we put a wedding picture on the wall. We like Q&A moment because the guests give us lots of unique questions that we never expected.

Thank you for coming to the lecture!!!


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