Our work published in the February issue of VOGUE Germany

The February issue of VOGUE Germany that we worked on last year was published last week.

It was a collaboration with Kimono, obi and the new collection of 2013 from high brands that were announced in Milano, Paris, London &N.Y.


Photographer: Sebastian Kim

Stylist: Katie Mossman

Model: Franzi Mueller

Kimono Stylist: Sueko Oshimoto

Assistant: Kentaro Jake Terauchi


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Here is the back stage at the photo shoot.



Photos were taken at a well-maintained Japanese garden in California.


We were told that this garden took 20 years to complete.

There is a magnificent tearoom which can also have a Japanese wedding ceremony with Kimono.





The stylist for this shoot was Katie Mossman who is a globally famous stylist.

For this day, she had more than 20 suitcases which are the latest items from high brands.

Oshimoto and Kaite Mossman's styling work so well together.

What Oshimoto especially cares when she is styling is a color coordination with the theme of the styling,

whole balance and to make the best use of the model.

The last thing is to make sure there is a elegance.

This is also a motto when designing kimono costume.

It is a important to show Kimono's best quality.




A photographer's Sebastian Kim also travels all over the world for fashion magazines, advertisements and for celebrities.


He was born in Vietnam and grew up in Paris. There was a time that he was in South California too.




Oshimoto did not only styling Kimono but also working on the model's posing.

It was a photographer's request that he wanted to produce a Japanese feeling.




We took a photo with the German model, Franzi Mueller. She is also a runway model. Look how tall she is!

The sandals that she is wearing are Geisha sandals by Prada.



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