Japanese Play Utsutsu Japanese Ver.

Nov 19,20,21. Japanese Play UTSUTSU  to finish the English version, Japanese version was launched this week 26,27,28.

Today is the first day of the play stage.


Photo: the venue and stage actor's photos

※ actor's appearances have been in the movie "Last Samurai" and "Letters From Iwo Jima" and has also appeared.


And this time we are in charge of costumes and dressing for work.


Photo: The scene backstage before the start of the stage, and Oshimoto sensei and Kentaro assitant are dressing.

Well, the Japanese version of the stage into the first day of UTSUTSU started.

Japanese version venue because the state was nearly fully occupied by the Japanese audience.

The stage will have a total of about two hours to two parts.

Stories that have lost sight of the master of the sword is worthless bouncer, bounce back from despair, a historical drama depicting the hero to help the weak grow.


Introduction Movie


The first act: master swordsman in a yakuza bodyguard lose sight rough.



Second Act: recovering from despair, to help the weak grow from the gangster hero villain.






Photo: Everyone who's starring the actor


Impression of the stage:

The main story is the master of the sword is worthless bouncer, a man will prevail in its historical background, I thought too great importance to the narrative consists of prostitutes say painful.

Lights to use one image and sound despite the small stage set, there were tensions have been directed to its location and background.

It appeared nearly 30 performers on stage, and become confused as the story, but I thought, because some acting's an actor to have a solid story and just character and one person is performing I was able to enjoy, just like watching a movie on the life.

Intensity if it was cool there in full force Chanbarashin confused;)


Stage performance today, including three days (26,27,28 days) is done so, try to buy a ticket is going to come UTSUTSU looking ─ ─ Why not present.


We also indicated here will help you with this current stage, we have gotten to let their friends as actors tension.

UTSUTSU end the first day the Japanese version. Performing on stage at the end:)

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