Miss Japan USA got the Crown as 3rd runner & the "Photogenic Award".

That's the first Japanese Yuka Sano, won the top 4th runners.

Miss Asia USA Cultural Pageant has a history of 25 yearsis the first Japanese feat ever.

I explain the long day as a rough, there are a screening content for "Cultural Costume",


a bathing suit,



after showing off their walking in evening gowns,


Judges selected the top 10.

And there were most difficult quizzes. The deligates gave them a dignified answer in English for the question raised was on the spot just like Miss Universe.



The Top 5 were chosen from the Top 10, they had the quizzes one more time.

After such a strict examinationMs. Yuka played the first Japanese in fourth place.


After the ceremony, she suddenly was interviewed by many national televisions and newspapers.

Ms. Yuka hug his mother who came all the way from Sendai Japan to see her.


At the VIP party, she was photograghed many times just not have time to drink the water ...


Unfortunately missed the costume prize,

We won the "Photogenic Award" which send to the most beautiful photo in the magazine!

Here are photos of our costumes have been published in the magazine.



Walking practice, diet, dress selection, gathering sponsors, studio shooting, fashion show,

Cheers for great work indeed!

And, congratulations ^ ^


Just a little "behind the stage" Introducing.


see more pictures, click here!

Here're blogs for the final fitting & the kimono fashion show.

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