Miss Universe Japan 2013 National Costume for the Press Release

On September 12th, a press release was held in Tokyo for 2013 Miss Universe Japan, Masayuki Matsuo.

We showed a national costume that was designed and made by costume designer Sueko Oshimoto.

The national costume represents Japanese culture, tradition, and ethnicity, all very important parts of the competition.


“Creating a modern arrangement, while keeping respect to the magnificent traditions of Japan and preserving its dignity.”

The Japanese kimono “Ju Ni Hitoe” (a twelve-layered ceremonial kimono of a Japanese court lady) is regarded as one of the most beautiful cultural costumes. Using the “Ju Ni Hitoe” as the motif, the dress is modified from the traditional shape of the kimono by cutting the hem diagonally, creating an innovative finish.

A brilliant yellow kimono is used as the base, with an elegant design of the Japanese crane and pine dyed to catch the eye when worn anywhere. The design of the crane soaring gloriously represents Ms. Yukimi Matsuo soaring towards the world. Over 600 crystals are embedded into the crane and pine, which shine magnificently when hit by the light. 

The kimono is tied with a simple black obi and is arranged in a mode fashion style in the back. The hair is arranged in a collaborative style of traditional and mode fashion to match the obi. 

A large fan designed from the Japanese “Hi Ougi” (a formal folding fan made of hinoki cypress) is decorated in the back, accented with the symbolic Japanese sakura cherry blossoms tree. The image for the back view is cherry blossom petals falling from a cherry tree, and dancing in the wind down to the tail of the dress. Crystals are also sewn into the petals, complimenting the whole piece and shinning ever brightly as Ms. Matsuo makes her way down the stage. The fan and the tail can be removed to transform the whole piece into an elegant evening dress.

Backstage of press release
View of the fan from the back
Last checking of the costume before press release
Thank you for coming everyone!
Miss Matsuo said “ this costume shows grace and who I am.  I can confidently represent Japan with this costume.”
Miss Universe will be held in Moscow, at the Prada crocus City Hall on November 9th.
We hope Miss Japan becomes Miss Universe!
Here is the official photo.
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