Kimono Styling / Dressing

Kimono Styling/Dressing

From Junihitoe(twelve layers robe) to Geisha, we offer a kimono dressing/styling and Geisha make-up following Japanese traditional way. We have more than 50 profesional kimono dressers/kimono stylists who qualified Japan kimono dresser national qualifications. We provided a kimono dressing for The Wolverine film.


Under the direction of Kimono Master Sueko Oshimoto, our talented staff produces kimono styling/dressing for any creative scenes from any era. We can create thousands of different Obi tie designs using a Obi (sash). In 2006, Sueko Oshimoto won the Jury's Special Award at the Kimono Styling Division of the National Art Festival held in Tokyo, since then she has held a position as a judge for it annually.

New Modern Kimono Styling

Sueko also offer a proprietary high-fashion kimono styling. Her stylings have appeared in fashion publications such as Italian Vogue, German Vogue and Japan Vogue.


Home Pricing / Artist Kimono Dressing Class

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