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Sueko Oshimoto


Fashion / Costume Designer

Fashion Stylsit

Kimono Master

Executive Director of Yamano Kimono Dressing School U.S. Branch






Life Time Achievement in Style and Philanthropy Top Designer 2016

Hollywood Costume Designer Honor Award 2016

Winner - Best Costume, La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2014 - "Kiss of a Siren"

5th Place - Miss Universe National Costume Award 2013 - Miss Japan

Winner - Jury's Special Award, International Kimono Styling / Dressing Contest in Tokyo 2006


Known for her innovative costume design in the futuristic, classic and fantasy genre, her imaginative use of unconventional materials and infinite eye for detail, the work of Sueko Oshimoto has been featured in Best Costume award-winning fashion film, television and featured in countless international fashion magazines such as VOGUE Italia, VOGUE Germany and L’OFFICIEL India. Her powerful use of color to tell stories on screen and the combination of exaggerated proportions in silhouette with a couture fashion edge has quickly become her trademark. 

Her academic studies in Japanese culture, passion of architecture, flower arrangement, color consultant and also the background of over 22 years as a kimono master moved her effortlessly into the direction of costume design. Sueko designed Miss Universe Japan national costumes for 2 consecutive years since 2013 and she won 5th prize in national costume category in fist year.

Throughout the years, Sueko has dressed celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Carmen Electra as well as costuming music videos for Sean Paul and DJ Diplo. Sueko was honored to be selected her work for ‘VOGUE Japan 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition’ alongside strong influential photographer Camilla Akrans, Sissy Vian and other artists. She was also featured in fashion film ‘Kiss of A Siren’, in which she created more than 20 kimono dresses and spectacular creations. The fashion film won Best Costume Design and Best Picture at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival which is the Cannes of the fashion film world.

Her work as a costume designer in film, has recently caught the eye of some of Hollywoods most noted film directors and is currently based in L.A. and Japan. She is also a member of the 892 Costume Designer's Guild Union and is the owner of Kimono SK which is a costume house specializing Japanese kimono.

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Kentaro Terauchi




Kimono Stylist / Dresser






Born in Tokyo.

After graduating from Komazawa University with a degree in economics, he moved to Los Angeles to further his education in event coordination in 2006. While coordinating parties, he assisted with the graduation party of Sueko Oshimoto's kimono school at the Peninsula Hotel. He was immediately captivated by the discipline of kimonos, and immediately began taking lessons from Sueko. In 2010, he obtained his kimono stylist / instructor license, and partnered with Sueko Oshimoto to start Kimono SK.

Starting from taking a kimono photo at his small studio, 20-something Kentaro Terra, now living in North Hollywood, is making an impact with a fashion brand and film still work.


Yoriko Takami


President of Pacific Theatre Production Corp.

Japanese Classical Dancer

Kimono Stylsit / Kimono Instructer 

Cosmetologist (Hair & Make-up)




Yoriko Takami  was born in Tokyo, and raised in Osaka Japan.

1985-1997 She worked in the entertainment industry as a model and actress. She had numerous experiences in advertisement, CM, bridal shows, and TV dramas, films, and stage plays. She played roles that ranged from modern to period play (Geisha girl) including leading roles.

During this time, she studied singing, jazz dance, Japanese classical dance, and playing Shamisen.

After that, she moved to NY to learn English and pursue acting. She set up a theater group  with her friends.  In 2001, she moved to LA and began another theater group with the local friends. In 2003, she was accepted to establish the NPO, "Pacific Theatre Production Corp". This group traveled the LA and Orange County area to perform short plays, based on Asian stories and placed in Western context, that focused on teaching morals in a modern way. During this time, she also obtained the professional name "Rinsen Wakayagi" from Wakayagi Ryu, received a California state Cosmetology License, and a Kimono Dressing License from Yamano Ryu. 

She continues to work in all areas of performing. Especially in her career of  Japanese Dance, with her more than 20 years of experience. 

1999-2000 "Treasure of the Hidden Dragon" by Pacific Theatre NY (stage play)
2001 Performed "Hagoromo" at Sakura Festival in Brooklyn NY
2002  Pacific Theatre LA debut at Cultural Exchange event at Doizaki Gallery
2002  Kimono & Dance at San Diego University
2003  Geisha Dancer in "Last Samurai" at Warner Brothers Special Event
2004  Performed "Three Wishes" at Keiro
2005  Danced in Kimono Fashion Show, produced by Kaori Nara Turner
          Danced in "Fujimusume" at Long Beach College and Orange Coast College
2006  Danced and played Taiko "Kotobuki" for a Asian Business Association event 
2007  Danced "Fujimurasaki" opening at Japanese American Theater
2008  Danced "Fujimusume" at Bowers Children's Museum 
2009  Performed and danced "Kishino Yanagi" in Beverly Hills and Canterbury Retirement Hotel
2010  Danced  "Fujimusume" at East San Gabriel Valley Japanese School
2011  Danced "Fujimusume" Japanese Cultural Event at Cal State Fullerton
2012  Danced "Renjishi" Wakahisakai Osaraikai at Jay Armstrong Theater
          Danced "Kocho no Mai" in Tea Ceremony Award Ceremony at Miyako Hotel
2013  Danced "Genroku Hanami Odori" Kimono Fashion Show at Cal State Fullerton 
2014  Danced "Renjishi" in Japanese Festival at courtyard of Doizaki Gallery
2015  Danced "Genroku Hanabi Odori" in Matsui Makoto show 
2016  Danced "Fujimusume" in Tea Lovers Festival at UCLA        
She has experience with more than 100 stages in both N.Y.C and L.A.  
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