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-Kimono Rental-

-Commercials & Advertisements-

Dazzling kimonos drew the attention of all people in the world and there are no people who don’t like Kimonos. Also, our main target has no age limit. Everybody likes your products or services.
Past clients: Tacobell

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-VIP Personal Styling-

We provide services to dress up models at any small spaces and any time. It doesn’t take too much time and room. We have a variety of choices in designs, sizes, materials and accessories. Even though they look breathless, they ‘re comfortable. We have provided dressing nominees for the Grammy, Academy, Latin Grammy.
Past clients: George Takei, Jon Perry, B’z

-Kimono Dressing School-

We teach how to wear a kimono and the basic knowledge of kimono. We run Yamano Kimono Beauty College California branch which is the only U.S. school offering a professional kimono stylist license and we hold a gorgeous graduation every year. Sueko who is the executive director has trained 33 professional kimono stylists in the U.S.

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-Studio Photo Shoot-  

We have a photo studio in our office and take beautiful photos like Japanese traditional wedding photos, coming-of-age ceremony photos, Shichi-go-san photos and any commemorative photos, the clients can choose their favorite kimonos and sashes from hundreds of quality stuff we own.


-Kimono Costume Design-  

We have combined Victorian style, masquerade style and modern style with Japanese kimonos. We rent those as well for films, magazine editorial photo shoot and stages. We can combine with any style you want.
Past clients: VOGUE magazine, Miss Japan USA


-Film costume & Play wardrobe-

We can provide any kimono styles for any creative scenes. If you need a
large amount of costumes, our sister company can ship more out from Japan. They are the biggest costume company in Japan and provided the wardrobe in The Last Samurai. 
Past clients: USC, New York film academy

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-Send Graceful Kimono Models to Your Location-

At a company event or your booth in a trade show, they welcome your important clients with lovely smiles and make your event more attractive with real class bringing positive results. Also, we provide a photo booth with kimono models and geisha models. We can come over anywhere you want.
Past clients: JBA, House of An

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-Kimono Show, Lecture & Demonstration-

We produce a classic style kimono show and contemporary kimono fashion show. We are flexible to change our program and contents of the lecture to meet the needs of our clients.
Past clients: Japanese Embassy, LACMA, JAN museum, Shu Uemura

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-Japanese Performers Agent- 

Japanese Performers Agent Many kinds of Japanese performers registered on our list. We can provide cultural entertainment and performances such a geisha dance, samurai, karate, koto, shamisen and taiko. They have their own pro skills.


We guarantee with confidence that we provide the Best Japanese Elegance.


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