Japan up!カバー掲載決定!!!


You all know Weekly LALALA, sister publication of "Japan up!" request of SUEHIRO Agency, Inc. x Hoyu to be on the cover of the April issue.

Japan up! is the first full-length English free magazine to introduce "Real Japan" in Los Angeles.

They have Japanese food restaurant and recipes and the latest information, dedication to fashion and beauty information.

And easy to see in full color!


The theme of the April issue is "Beauty & Fashion". Past coverage of this subject is Anna Umemiya who is a famous TV personality in Japan.

And the cover theme is "modern x kimono" was hired as male models that Hiroshi and Kentaro.

An artistic work has been completed by our exclusive stykist: Lina and Ms. Kuroki.

4 / 1 (Friday) will be distributed throughout Los Angeles! Enjoy ~;)

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